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Bath room

We sculpt the most intimate space around you with neoteric and classic appearance, accompanied by the serene and refreshing environment. Embrace your bath space with richness, style, elegance, details that can bring leisure to your life. Feel the complete touch of live bath space concepts and map out to your comfort. Understanding your taste we settle in the designing language from the minimalistic to the post modern approach. Irrespective of your domain we put in unconditional efforts to pitch our elusive picked products. Walk in with your endless undefined concepts to cast them into existence.


Retaining the authenticity of our tradition of self-musing we bring you to the world of rejuvenation which makes you explore and recreate your overall well being. We create you space where you’re imbibed with tranquility. Walk in with an ambiguous mindset as we present you an activated space where you experience the rain shower, an aromatic sauna or refresh yourself in a multi sensorial spa, juxtaposed for you to feel the comfort. Water gushing out from a rain shower or steam / sauna, you opt for your comfort. Embrace the serene environment as we lay a bed of choices at your doorsteps.


Small details create a big picture. Big pictures are always incomplete without small details. We bring before you the elite accessories that uniformly tune the appearance of your space and matches your presence. From the basics of tumbler to the detailing of bath robe hook we make sure the design & color are showcased to your needs. Relay onto us as we maintain the precise standards of your bathroom be it a classical design or modern, we have it all.


Hygiene and Health are proportional, if you ignore the Hygiene then Health ignores you. Having mastered exquisite varieties of water closets, bidets, shower systems, bathtub, basins, urinals and many others. We have a fresh collection of luxurious lifestyle products to suit your style, color with wide range of aesthetic detailing, bonding to your sanitary space. Infuse your space with high standard products manufactured to European standards. Well chosen designed pattern with complete hygiene solution stimulated by luxury & elite environment.


Eclectic bath & kitchen fittings are brought together keeping in mind the higher style, caliber, sumptuousness & delicacy Articulate iconic designs with motif shape, color & texture that penetrates through your area to give you modern contour & absolute perfection. We get you a makeover that compliments your pattern with the accurate fitting that fits, capable of beautifying the space as natural as possible. A cluster of International brands with creative seamless patterns slots flawlessly into your bathroom. Experience the products live and foretell your concepts, nothing would be like it.


We walk in with elegance, grandeur, luxury, pushing the threshold of designing to a versatile, eye catching appearance in the most significant space of your dwelling. Let your kitchen be of any dimension, we can narrate your told story, from the neutral colored tiles to the clean edged furniture, rustic taps to the porcelain basin, modernized chimney to the wall patterned cabinets. Immerse your kitchen with a sensible collection in a sophisticated & smoothly functional environment.We fuse wardrobes that bespoke the comfort with soothing counter tops to provide you an ergonomic system as per your space.


Appliances for the kitchen is where soul lies. Right equipment, for right application is what puts kitchen work in perspective. A kitchen without appliance is an incomplete space. We make sure that your kitchen is complete with selected and sensible appliance like in-hobs, in-oven, microwave oven, barbeque, fryer and chimney. The color & texture of the appliances are immersed in such a way that they enhance the beauty and add value to the place.


Any surface area within your living space describes you and your stature. A surface is a motley that no doubt reflects our thoughts. What more than a better way, blending a decade of experience in a creative, mid or an enormous space. We offer a spectrum of patterns with Soft curves or clean lines, amalgam of colors, blazon texture, rectified surface or exclusive glass mosaic to get a sensational outcome of threshold. Understanding the behaviors, trends and your interest, we serve you a variety of sizes, may it be the treasures from the past or the modern aesthetics. Map out your blank space with stone vein or wood vein & robust to a modern space. An in-house studio adds another advantage in mixing and matching your combinations at the luxury of your comfort.


For us it’s capture of comfort because we look into the possibilities. Desire to design the patterns that perfectly fits into your space with a stunning appearance. A discreet selection of top notch hard wood flooring to basic laminate and engineered flooring. Cored by the modern technicality that secures the beauty of the wood. We bring in timeless look from the classic vintage to the modern eco-friendly housing. From making selection to laying the flooring, we offer end to end consultation and service.


Sport is a preserver of health. We bring a variety of multi-sport surfaces to suit your needs with luxurious thoughtful color and texture. Be it indoor sporting arena or an outdoor play area, we have it covered as per your specific needs. Understanding your requirements, we construct them according your comfort. Your fitness lifestyle and contentment is our priority.


Activate your outdoor space with zeitgeist & modern décor. We bring you an eye catching outdoor surface that lite up the beauty of your abode’s landscape and facade. Surfaces with an innate tensile strength that are non-ephemeral for robust usage. An amalgam of the patterns and décor including artificial turf, porcelain surfaces, deck flooring, composite materials, metal cladding and natural stones.


A paradigm of tiles with end to end solutions. We cater a diverse nuance of quality & sustain ability of tiles with a classic appearance. Tiles that can resist any season for ages with liminal maintenance. Restoring the authentic guise from the past with an accent to create an aesthetic & vintage look. An amalgam of shapes, color & textures assemble according to European standards that gives you a timeless experience. We have discreet tiles to camouflage any dimension top with versatile interlocking system. We bring forth tiles that give you a minimalistic visage and beautify your space as naturally as possible.